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The Evidence for Whale Evolution - Evolution: Part 1

Updated: Sep 14

Updated: Sep 5

Part 1: Living (Extant) Whales

Part 2: Whale Fossils (Extinct Whales)

Part 3: DNA and Whale Evolution

What About Objections?

Most objections seem to fall into just a few categories. Many unfortunately contain so many errors and misunderstandings about evolution and biology that it would be very difficult to begin to address the writings without attempting to correct all the misunderstandings first. Many quotes against whale evolution used are decades old and disproven or taken out of context.

Most in my experience will basically list all the adaptations and appeal to the reader with, “how could all this have happened” without addressing the evidence we DO have. Mechanisms of “how” are important but can’t negate the evidence of “what” we have. In addition, we do know in many cases how it happened by studying their genomes. Please be sure to see the "How vs. What" blog. See some of the applicable articles in the References section below.

The evidence for whale evolution is truly overwhelming as is the various scientific fields that all contribute to this huge body of supporting evidence: 1. Paleontological evidence

2. Morphological evidence

3. Molecular biological evidence

4. Vestigial evidence

5. Embryological evidence

6. Geochemical evidence

7. Paleoenvironmental evidence

8. Paleobiogeographic evidence

9. Chronological evidence

For a detailed discussion regarding the evidence from the above scientific fields, see: See other sources in the References section also.

To dismiss the mountain peaks of whale evidence amounts to dismissing a mountain range of robust and sound evidence. To deny whale evolution from what has been scientifically discovered is now perverse.

An analogy is someone traveling to their vacation home only to find it completely destroyed. Pieces in front of them are on the ground, or more accurately what remains in this example. But what if we don’t know or are unsure how it was destroyed? Fire, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, angry neighbor, or gas leak? The fact of the event is independent of the “how” or mechanism. Would we really deny the fact of the home destruction until we knew exactly how it occurred, to our satisfaction, while dismissing the input from experts and the observations before our very eyes? So it is with whale evolution. We know it occurred because of the overwhelming evidence. It’s a great example of evolution and indeed “macroevolution”. One does not need to “be there”. One does not need to have every step worked out. Our courts certainly operate on the “what” even if the “how” is incomplete or even unknown. See “The Teacher’s Pet” case. When it comes to evolution we even have an idea of the hows.

Why would a deer like creature venture into the water?


I assert that the evidence for whale evolution is so broad and numerous that any person not committed to a previous position against it would agree that whales evolved as science has discovered. The evidence comes from at least three broad areas. Other evidence such as continental drift and the late Tethys Sea that was present at the time all impact on why whale evolution occurred when it did; it’s an amazing true story that brings in many areas of science and history all to a single conclusion. Objections rarely if ever address the copious evidence but instead attempt to throw doubt by appealing to intuition and mechanisms as the sole arbitrators regarding whale origins.

From: Ancient Archeology Secret


What is the Evidence for Evolution?

Whale Evolution

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