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Selected Consequences;
Evolution is True and Christianity, and All Religions, Are Not


The best places to live

States in America and countries around the world that are the least religious are the best places to live every year in surveys. Believers may not know this, but it’s easy to Google the answer. Each year, the democratic countries and American states with the best human well being and flourishing are the least religious. 

For a more extensive evaluation of this topic please see The Best Worldview, which compares countries and American states that are the least religious and compares American states and countries as to their worldviews and how that affects living conditions and well being. 


Check the studies as the surveys are repeated nearly every year. Studies show children raised in non religious families are more empathetic. If religion is such a great addition to societies, why the opposite? Below is a graph looking at many findings in societies. On the X-axis (vertical) are the characteristics evaluated.


It may be more correlation with poverty than causation (such as poverty the real cause), but being religious does not make you necessarily more moral and in many cases like televangelists and the Prosperity Gospel, worse. Let alone Islamic laws against apostasy and homosexuality. Hinduism and the caste structure. And the pedophilia rampant in many areas of Catholicism. 

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